The Incredible Works of Alexander von Wieding

If you are a fan of Heavy Rock/Metal, Doom Metal, or Stoner Rock/Metal, then you have surely seen many of the astonishing works designed by the incomparable Alexander von Wieding. Alexander is a Designer/Illustrator/Musician hailing from Hamburg, Germany. He has been designing since 2004 and his portfolio grows bigger and bigger by the day. You can find Alexander’s artwork on anything from children’s book to band t-shirts. He has a distinct style and is easily recognizable among the other artists throughout the genre.

Some of his most recognizable pieces come from the Stoner Rock genre. Alexander has designed album covers for some of the genres heavyweights which include Wo Fat, Karma To Burn, Greenleaf and Brant Bjork.

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Alexander has been a “resident” artist for some of the top labels including Small Stone Records , Tee Pee Records, and most recently High Roller Records and Ripple Music.

Oh, and did I mention that Alexander is also a musician. He plays guitar, sings, etc. in a “band” called Larman Clamor. Starting out as a swampy blues-based duo on their self-titled EP, the band eventually became a one-piece (Alexander) and the music progressed throughout each release. He has also designed album artwork for all of their albums as well.


Larman Clamor began as a two-piece in 2008 in the gritty urban climes of von Wieding’s native Hamburg, Germany. Then working under the mysterious pseudonym ‘V,’ the multi-instrumentalist and singer oversaw the release of the outfit’s first, self-titled EP. With a clear vision for what he wanted the sound to be and a few years’ worth of material in various stages of completion, Altars to Turn Blood soon followed, and writing began almost immediately for Frogs, which boasts the band’s best arrangements and songwriting yet, organ and blues harp featuring alongside von Wieding’s guitar and drums, adding Southern Baptist-style malevolence.
(JJ Koczan-The Obelisk)

Alexander has been very busy as of late designing new album covers for NWOBHM band Troyen, cover artwork for the re-release of RITUAL’S “Valley Of The Kings”, cover artwork for KIND’s second album “Mental Nudge”, cover artwork for DRAGONSLAYER’s “Dragon Drums” as well as a book series called “Midnight Tales”. Man, this is one creative dude. I don’t think I even have that much creativity in my pinky.

Anyways, do yourself a solid and go check out some of this man’s work. It is a truly unique style that he has. Oh, and before I go, I have to of course tie in a beer. The following beer was brewed by Oliver Brewing out of Baltimore, MD for the band Wo Fat in which Alexander designed the artwork for the album “The Black Code”.

The Black Code Brewed in tribute to the mighty riffs of Wo Fat, this black ale packs a massive roast flavor. It’s bittered aggressively with Southern Cross and Chinook, then finished and dry hopped with Columbus and Mount Hood

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