Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs Merge Beer, Music and Art With the Release of New Music and Comic Series

During these tough times, it is quite a challenge for many bands to stay afloat. But one band has taken the reigns and channeled their energy, focus and positivity into a pretty rad project.

Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs is a “loud and fast” rock and roll band based in San Francisco, CA. On July 31st the band is releasing a two-song digital release ironically titled “Loud and Fast”. The two songs “Jenny Flores” and “Tokyo” were produced and recorded by Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs at Ferment Drink Repeat Brewing Company in the Portola District of San Francisco. Their bassist Phil also does can art for the brewery.

Here is where the fun starts. Not settling for just a music release, the band decide to also release a comic series which will be released daily on the band’s Instagram page in the days leading up to the music release. From what I’ve seen, “Alvie and the Breakfast Pigs Go to Tokyo” looks really cool.

“The comic, written by The Pigs and illustrated by the talented and eager Noah Wilson, sends the band on a Tokyo adventure. Can they harness their rock energy to defeat the nefarious crime group planning to flood the global airwaves with bubblegum pop? What kind of trouble will they find along the way?”

When asked why the band decided to release a comic to coincide with the music…

“We wanted to make this special for fans and have something in addition to the music to get excited about. We wanted to push our creativity a bit, too, and see what kind of engaging story we could come up with. And, what band wouldn’t want to see themselves as superheroes??”

The band has made a name for themselves extensively touring up and down the west coast alongside the likes of The Down and Outlaws, The Dirty Few, No Small Children, Autonomics, Authority Zero, and The Yawpers. The band has also performed at South by Southwest (Austin), Underground Music Showcase (Denver) and Balanced Breakfast (San Francisco).

It is awesome to see a band persevere through these tough times and still be able to be creative enough to put out a project that should give their fans something to get excited about since the band has always been noted for their insanely energetic and raucous live shows. Stay safe, stay positive. Rock on gentlemen! Rock on!


Album name: Loud and Fast
Songs: Tokyo (lead single) and Jenny Flores
Release date: July 31st

Produced by: Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs
Recorded by: Alvie & the Breakfast Pigs at Ferment Drink Repeat Brewing in San Francisco, California
Mastered by: Piper Payne at Infrasonic Sound
Band members: Alvie Adams (vocals, guitar), Matt Logan (lead guitar), Philip Thorneycroft (bass), Jake Natkin (drums)
Label: We’re proudly and purposefully not on a label.
Budget: We crowd-sourced most of our budget from our amazing fans via a raffle for two comic book cameos.

Instagram | Facebook | YouTube

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