Inner Groove Brewing Combines Their Love for Music and Beer.

Inner Groove Brewing Verona, Pa

One of my favorite local breweries is Inner Groove Brewing in the town of Verona a suburb of Pittsburgh, PA. The brewery just celebrated their first anniversary in what has been a pretty crazy year to say the very least. I have been to the brewery a handful of times and each time have felt welcomed. The brewery has a very cool vibe with seating indoors and out. As of right now, there is only limited outdoor seating, takeout and curbside service due to the Coronavirus, which unfortunately takes away from the atmosphere and ambiance of the brewery.

The last time I visited, they were playing Weezer’s Blue Album. After that selection, the gentleman behind the bar kept on pulling out new albums to play as the night went on. He was more than happy to discuss music with you while you were sipping on one of their latest IPA’s or their house beer My Verona, a play on The Knack’s hit tune “My Sharona”. They even have a bring your own vinyl night, how cool is that?

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As for the how they decided on a name for the brewery,

“Back in the days of vinyl records, bands started to place hidden tracks, messages, and stamping on what is known as the “inner groove” or “run off groove” on a vinyl record. The Beatles popularized the use of the inner groove to excite loyal fans when they inserted a brief audio track on side two of Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band. A perfect fit for Inner Groove Brewing to re-create this idea into a brewery concept to provide an experience of hidden talents, tastes, and turntable tunes.”

Recently, the brewery had some some pretty sweet can releases. A hazy New England IPA “Haze Man Nice Hop” a play on Filter’s “Hey Man Nice Shot” and a Gorillaz inspired can art for another IPA called Ephemeral Style. I am not a real big fan of American Wheat beers or Strawberry flavored beers, but I’m sure they were pretty delicious regardless. Unfortunately, I was not able to get either of the IPA’s as they sold out rather quickly. Below are a few more can releases. As you can see, the brewers have been pretty busy brewing a wide variety of beers to keep up with trends and tastes.

At Inner Groove, the can art is always stylish, the beers are always superb and the music is always playing (loud)! Kudos to the owners for incorporating their passion for music into their love for beer. I love this place!

Inner Groove Brewing: Website | Facebook

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