Forming the Void’s New Album Reverie is a Sludge Metal/Heavy Psyche Gem

UPDATE: 7/20/2020

After seeing this band perform live at the 2019 Maryland Doomfest, my interest was elevated to a whole new level. I loved their previous effort “Rift” and was curious as to how they would expand upon that release. When I heard that the band signed to Ripple Music, I expected nothing less than a stellar effort.

I was immediately drawn in and mesmerized by the tripped-out psychedelic lion artwork designed by the super-talented Eli Quinn. As I gazed deep into the album cover, I prepared myself for the journey I was about to partake in.

It’s hard to believe that this band already has four albums under their belt, but this band from Louisiana keeps gradually getting better and better and I believe with “Reverie” has definitely come into their own. Consisting of James Marshall on guitar/vocals, Shadi Omar Al-Khansa on guitar, Thomas Colley on drums, and new bassist Thorn Letulle the band has firmly planted itself at the top of the Stoner Sludge Metal mountain with their own style of some of the most hypnotic, monolithic and fuzz heavy stomp that you will hear this year.

One of my favorite tracks, “Onward Through the Haze” starts out with a nice mellow passage and gradually builds into a maddening opus filled with a breath-taking riff, scorching guitar solo, deafening bass punch and steady but solid drumming.

The clean, melodic and robust vocals shine among the harsh, sometimes volatile music background but in some way comfort you as you follow along in this musical journey. The songs are addictive , mind-melting and have an enduring quality about them.

With this release, the band has truly defined their sound and has shown confidence in their music abilities that allow the band to reach epic proportions. Take a listen for yourself and see what all of the buzz is about.

Before you leave, I touched briefly upon the amazing cover art from Eli Quinn. Here are a few more examples of his stunning work and why he was chosen to do the album’s cover art, seems like a perfect fit. He even did a beer label for Droids Attack’s Mashenomak Rye Lager from Madison, WI brewery Ale Asylum as well as album artwork for Droids Attack and Twin Wizard.

Division Brewery out of Arlington, Texas is re-releasing their Forming the Void beer. The brew has an 8.5% ABV. It is made with Mosaic, Citra and Nugget hops, the Imerial IPA is lightly sweet and winds up with a big citrus punch.

Forming the Void: Facebook | Website

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