The Amazing Artwork of Chris Smith

So, in my last post on the beer can art at Strange Roots, I briefly touched on the artwork of Pittsburgh-based artist Chris Smith. Chris is the owner of Grey Aria Design Studios. Not only is Chris an extremely talented artist, he is also a musician. A few of Chris’s previous bands include: Crust Requiem, Meth Quarry and Acolyte . Chris is currently the guitarist for Grindcore/Death Metal band Narakah.

If you are fan of Stoner Rock, Doom, Industrial, Grind, Metalcore and the like, you have probably seen some of Chris’s work. As I was perusing Chris’s Deviant Art page for this article I realized that I actually have a piece of his artwork on my bar top collage. It was for a show that I went to see at Howler’s back in 2013 and featured Been Obscene, Borracho, Neon Warship and Supervoid. Man, am I glad I didn’t throw that one away. Also, in the picture below you can see I was able to score a few beer cans from Strange Roots Experimental Ales that were designed by Chris.

Chris has lent his talents to a ton of bands for tour posters, promo materials, album artwork and much more. Below are a few stellar pieces.

Please go check out all of Chris’s amazing projects. He is one truly talented individual.

Grey Aria Design Studios


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