Strange Roots Experimental Ales Sinister Series of Can Releases.

UPDATE: 7/20/2020

There is a pretty unique brewery in the suburbs of Pittsburgh and with their new series of can releases, they have taken things to the next level.

Brewery description from Facebook:

“Strange Roots exists at the intersection of farmhouse brewing tradition and creative, locally-driven experimentation. We’re passionate about celebrating our environment through the use of local ingredients, varying fermentation methods and micro flora, and strive to create unique artisan ales inspired by our surroundings here in the foothills of the Allegheny Mountains.”

The brewery actually started out in 2011 as Draai Laag Brewing but wanted to expand in different directions and decided on the name change to Strange Roots Experimental Ales in March 2018. If you like your beers funky, dank and sour then this place is right up your alley. They currently have two locations in the Pittsburgh area, one in Millvale and one in Gibsonia. Millvale is a little noisy because of the expressway traffic and Gibsonia is in a more rural area and has a more chilled vibe.

The brewery has currently released a series of new beers with a sinister vibe and spotlights the brain-numbing artwork of local Pittsburgh artist Chris Smith who has done artwork for a number of bands including Monster Magnet, YOB, Doctor Smoke, Borracho and a ton more. Each can features a new terrifying character that represents what can be found within the realms of the can. I however have not had the opportunity to try many of these beers due to the coronavirus and them selling out rather quickly, but this is not a review just a mouth-drooling observation.

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DOOM PARADE (8.0%abv) – Double IPA Dry Hopped With Citra and Columbus

MOTO MOTO (10.0%abv) – Imperial Candy Bar Stout Conditioned on Almond Joy Candy Bars, Milk Chocolate and Toasted Coconut.

ROYAL TEETH (8.0%abv) – Double IPA Dry Hopped With Citra, Simcoe and Mosaic.

Business Casualty (9.0%abv) is a Double IPA dry hopped with Simcoe, Denali, Crystal and Lemondrop.

CRINKLE CRANKER (10.2%abv) – Imperial Candy Bar Stout modeled after a Butterfinger Bar. Heavily conditioned on Butterfinger Candy Bars and Peanut Butter.

Guavazacca IPA (7.1%abv) – IPA Dry Hopped w/ Azacca Hops and Conditioned on Guava Puree

The can artwork is very colorful with with an evil comic strip feel. As you can see by the beer descriptions, the brewery has stepped out of their comfort zone a bit and brewed these beers using an interesting selection of hops and other brewing processes. I love this brewery and applaud them for their venture as a true craft brewery. After looking at all of this cool can artwork it makes me feel like cramming to some cool metal into my ear holes (see below…album art by Chris Smith). But before that, check out these more recent can releases to get inspired as well. Now I just have to get my ass to the brewery to get in on the action.

A new beer has been added to their line-up. It is a wheat beer condition on tangerines. It has an ABV of 4.6%. Perfect summer drinking! Of course, can art by Chris Smith.


Strange Roots Experimental Ales



Chris Smith

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