Welcome to BMA! Beer. Music. Art.

Hi, my name is Reg. Some of you may know me as the dude that used to run the Stoner Rock Blog Heavy Planet. Yep, that’s me. Over the course of ten years, I listened to a lot of bands (mostly independent), drank a lot of beer and made a lot of friends along the way. Why did you stop doing Heavy Planet? The answer is pretty simple, I got burned out. Without going into details, it’s not all fame and fortune, none actually but it was probably over the course of ten years some of the most enjoyable times I’ve had in my life.

I started this site as a way to share three of my greatest passions. No, I am not a musician, no I am not a master brewer and no I am not in any way shape or form an artist, that is my wife’s department. But what I do have is an undying affinity for those three things, and by combining the three, it is pure heaven.

As a teenager which was quite some time ago, what drew me in to a record was the album artwork. It could be as simple as AC/DC’s “Back in Black” or as mesmerizing as Iron Maiden’s “Number of the Beast”. It was an amazing experience from the time I first looked at the album until the time I put it away and went on to the next one, that is of course if I had gathered up enough lunch money to buy one. Just about every Tuesday I had saved up enough to buy maybe one or two new records. We didn’t have Spotify, Apple iTunes, Bandcamp, etc. where any album is at your fingertips. We relied primarily on Hit Parader and Circus magazines, word of mouth, and MTV. I was always on a quest. Kind of like I am for beer now days. Except, now days it is music and beer.

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Ok, enough about me. Let me discuss why I decided to do this. First and foremost it would be for my love of music. Second, for my love and appreciation for the talented craft brewers and lastly, for the amazingly gifted artists that lend their talents to the bands for their album artwork and the breweries for their labels. All of the cans and bottles you see within this post are from my personal collection. Many of which are band/brewery collaborations. As time goes on, future posts will feature a short review of a band’s album that has killer artwork paired with a beer from a brewery that has an amazing label. I will not be writing beer reviews for the mere fact that I just despise them. I will however give a brief synopsis of the beer, primarily because I for the most part didn’t actually drink the beer, just dug the artwork. I will also include posts on a variety other things I deem worthy to talk about. Disclaimer: I in no way consider myself a music journalist or a beer geek. Just a fan that has a passion for three things. Beer. Music. Art. I hope you enjoy reading!

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